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Can you name the movies from the names of two of the main characters?

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Rick Blaine, Ilsa Lund
John McClane, Hans Gruber
Andy Dufresne, Ellis Boyd Redding
Virgil Tibbs, Gillespie
Frank Slade, Charlie Simms
John H. Miller, Mike Horvath
Johnny Hooker, Henry Gondorff
Alan Pangborn, Leland Gaunt
Del Spooner, Alfred Lanning
William Somerset, David Mills
Charlie Croker, Stella Bridger
Michael Sullivan, John Rooney
Jake Tyler Brigance, Carl Lee Hailey
Harry Stamper, A.J. Frost
Dean Corso, Boris Balkan
Stanley Goodspeed, John Patrick Mason
Alfred Borden, Robert Angier
Tom Ludlow, Jack Wander
Art Jeffries, Simon Lynch
Vincent Hanna, Neil McCauley
John Kruger, Lee Cullen
Robert Wakefield, Javier Rodriguez
Doyle Gipson, Gavin Banek
Roy Neary, Jillian Guiler

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