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There's nothing to _____ but _____ itself.
All that glitters is ______.
Keep your ______ close, and your ______ closer.
It looks like the ______ is on the other _____.
A _______is only as strong as it's weakest ______.
Don't dip your _____ in the company _____.
________ doesn't grow on _______.
Can't see the ______ for the ______.
Don't bite the _____ that ______.
A _______ is worth a thousand _______.
Caught between a _____ and ____ ______.
It's always ________ before the ______.
A ______ saved is a ______ earned.
Never judge a _______ by it's________.
... And that's the way the ______ _______.
A watched ______ never _______.
The _____ is always ______ on the other side.
Hell hath no fury like a _____ ______.
Stop and smell the ______.
What's good for the _______ is good for the _________.
My My, how the ______ have ______.
If you mess with the ______, you get the ______.
You shouldn't throw ______ if you live in a ______ _______.
Don't put off until _________ what you can ____ ______.
No _____ is good ______.
When in _____, do as the _______ do.
Life is a ______, so live in the _______.
If you can't stand the ____, get out of the ________.
The greatest thing since _______ ______.
Early ______ gets the ______.

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