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Which actor plays Marshall?
Which actor plays Ted?
Which actor plays Barney?
Which actress plays Robin?
Which actress plays Lily?
Ted is very proud of his red _________ ______?
The goat in the apartment on Ted's 31st birthday is called ______?
Barney loves playing which shooting game?
The Mother has what colour umbrella?
Zoey was married to whom, before leaving him for Ted?
How many dogs did Robin have?
Who were the dogs given to after Robin had to let them go?
It is later revealed that Robin's aunt is of which sexual orientation?
Who does Robin bring back from Argentina?
Who left Ted at the altar?
...whose daughter's name is?
Barney's half-brother is in a civil partnership with who?
'Eating a sandwich' was the gang's euphemism for what?
...and 'playing the bagpipes' are a euphemism for what?
...and 'reading a magazine' is Marshall's euphemism for what?
What is the real name of the 'Slutty Pumpkin'?
What seafood is Robin allergic to?
And what herb is Barney allergic to?
Who invented 'The Naked Man'?
...which has a success rate of?
Barney was hit by which mode of transport after Ted's cab accident?
Name one of Robin Sparkles' minor hits?
What is the name of Barney's mother?
The day before Valentine's Day is known as ___________ ____ to Barney?
Which celebrity is also looking for the 'Best Burger'?
What was Robin's father's name?
The 'Old King Clancy' involves what sticky substance?
Barney is one-quarter what?
Lily, Marshall and Ted attended which university?
...and which specialist institute did Barney supposedly attend to further his education?
Barney knocked down which exhibit at the National History Museum?
Which couple broke up over a pre-nup?
With whom did Ted go on a blind date seven years apart?
What is Marshall's favorite cheese?
Barney lost his virginity at what age?
Where do Barney and Ted fly to when trying to pick up girls at the airport?
Ted's mother is called _________?
...who get remarried to _______?
When inventing statistics, which number does Barney often use?
Sarah Eriksen was married to which of Marshall's brothers?
Klaus, Victoria's ex-fiancée, has many ________ as pets?
Barney's one-man performance was called what?
During this play, the robot fell in love with which appliance?
How did Marvin Eriksen Sr. die?
The name of which reptile can Ted NOT pronounce correctly?
Barney sneezes whenever Marshall says the name of which restaurant?
The first time we see Robin, she is wearing what colour shirt?
What is the middle name of Lily and Marshall's baby boy?
Who chose this middle name?
Where are Barney and Marshall when Lily goes into labour?
Which bar do Lily and Robin go to with 'woo girl' Jillian?
How does Ted try to stop Robin's camping trip?
Britney Spears cameo'd as which character?
...and Katy Perry cameo'd as ________?
After a break up with who did Barney start 'suiting up'?
Marshall goes up against Brad, a fellow lawyer, to save which lake?
Ranjit, the cab driver, is of what nationality?
Who owns the Duckie Tie?
From the 7th season to present, where does Marshall work?
Robin applies for a job as a '________ ________ __________' on 'Million Dollar Heads or Tails' (a.k.a. coin flipper...)?
What is the name of Ted's sister?
What are the names of Barney's half-brother's adopted children?
Randy creates which beer after being fired by Marshall?
In her resumé, Lily writes that she speaks which language fluently?
Where does Ted first meet Karen?
What is the name of the stripper whom Barney hires for Marshall's bachelor party?
Who did Robin fallout with because of a pregnancy?
Who, allegedly, wrote the Bro Code?
Quinn, Barney's ex-fiancée, had the surname ________?
...and what was her stripper name?
Which borough of New York City did Lily grow up in?
Name one of the four things NEVER to do around Robin?
Barney goes on which game show to meet his father?
...and who did he think his father was?
Who leaves Robin to pursue his career in Chicago?
Who was Ted's last love interest before he met The Mother?
What was her job?
Who was Lily's high school boyfriend?
What was his real name?
Which band does Marshall suggest to Lily for their wedding?
Which pizza restaurant do Marshall and Ted travel to with a case of Tantrum?
What are the names of Barney's fake family?
What does the blue French horn look like, according to Robin?
What is the name of the strip club Barney is loyal to?
Who causes Lily to get 'revertigo' when she comes to visit?
What is Lily's mother's name?
What is the name of Lily's maternal grandmother?
Which character's father is Sam Gibbs?
Which song do Sam Gibbs and his son sing accompanied by the piano (and Barney...)?
Why was Robin given court-mandated therapy?
Who did she meet at therapy, who also proposed to her?
Who is Marshall's paternal grandfather?
...and who is Lily's paternal grandfather?
What was the name of Robin's childhood dog?
Name one of the 'Final Four' from the episode 'The Bracket'?

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