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Banff National Park is located in which Canadian Province?
Banff National Park is located within which mountain range?
What is Banffs main industry?
Banff National Park was established as Canada's first national park in what year?
Banff National Park was created following a dispute over what natural phenomenon?
Which National Park can be found to the North of Banff?
Which National Park can be found to the South East of Banff
Which National Park can be found to the East of Banff
Which river flows through the town of Banff
Which mammal was reintroduced in the 1920s from Yellowstone having previously been extinct?
What is the highest mountain, entirely found in Banff National Park?
What is the highest mountain occupying part of Banff National Park?
The Banff Gondola takes visitors to the top of what mountain?
Which Canadian Prime Minister created Banff National Park?
Which local ski resort hosts the opening leg of the World Cup series for both Downhill and Super-g events?
Which local ski resort is famous for its night skiing?
Which local ski resort boasts the only ski-in / ski-out hotel in Banff?
What is the largest dammed lake in Banff National Park?
What is the largest natural lake in Banff National Park?
The town of Banff is the highest town in Canada - in feet, how high?
Banff is named after an area in which European Country?

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