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Can you name the double lettered words for each letter in the alphabet?

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Aan African nocturnal mammal
Boutgoing tides
Cshort, broken down music notes
DCatherine, Duchess of Cambridge
Ea sly look
Fone who is not shy
Gsmall Jim Henson muppet creation
Hdiscouraged mode of transportation
Ithe 50th US state
JAtlanta Braves pitcher
Ka men's cologne
Lextremely small, diminutive
Mearly 90's rapper
Nchildrens orange drink
Othe study of animals
Pa supernatural appearance; a ghostly figure
Qancient burial ground in Egypt
R1994 Best Picture winner
Sto follow the mainstream society
TCaribbean island nation
Uand empty space
Vone who is shrewd and well informed
Wto have a chat
Xgasoline brand
Ythe Hebrew word for 'life'
Zfuture MLB Hall of Fame catcher

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