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Can you figure out the hints to get the names of World Cities?

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A popular rodent pet + The Notre ..... Cathedral, Paris
Painting utensil + Hermit crabs crawl into these things
Plant that grows on the north side of trees + Moo-saying animal
A Birdie is one strike under this + I am, You are, He ...
To wander
Military Struggle + Lumberjack Tool
Hades + Disobedience to religious law + Unlocking tool
A marsh + Horned farm animal + British 'thanks'
Scavengers feed on these
Forms Beaches + Pin to put a golf ball on + The pyramids were built a long time ....
To look after something + To move a boat with oars
Superman accesory + Large Village
Paper displaying countries, cities, roads + To hit a golf ball in the hole from a short distance + Foot digit
A Muslim's religion + Pa's wife + Evil
Your mother + A water like a gulf, such as the ... Of Bengal
Gun sound + Rooster
Sloth from Ice Age + Elbow of the leg
Gibson + Brought into life by birth
Male person + Sick + Do Re Mi Fa So ..
Geese make this noise + Second part of a giant gorilla's name

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