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Stabbed on the Ides of March
He was looking for India, but found America
Capital of the Byzantine Empire
Greek-Egyptian female Pharaoh
Period that followed the Jurassic
King of the Franks from 768; founder of the Carolingian Empire
African city established as a Dutch supply station
Country devastated by Pol Pot
British PM, 1940-1945
Medieval Christian attempts to conquer the Holy Land
'Ism' promoted by Karl Marx
'War' between the USA and the USSR
French theologian who started a branch of Christianity, named after him
'Great Sage' of Chinese Philosophy
Discovered Heliocentrism
Group whose Priests were called Druids
British Explorer who died in Hawaii
Rome's largest amphitheatre
Ancient rival of Rome located in modern-day Tunisia
Insane Roman Emperor who followed Tiberius
Site of a 1986 Nuclear Disaster
Polish-French discoverer of Polonium

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