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Deaf German Composer
Ancient city famous for its Hanging Gardens
Modern-day capital near the site of the above
City that had a 'Tea Party' in 1773
'Liberator' of South and Central America
Often credited with inventing the telephone
Prison stormed in the French Revolution
English Scientist and Statesman who shares his name with a strip of meat
City seperated by a wall until 1989
The Eastern Roman Empire
Russian Faction that came to power in the October Revolution
Napoleon's last name
Pandemic caused by the Yersinia Pestis bacterium
Descendents of the Dutch Settlers in South Africa
Siddharta Gautama
City where the Titanic was built
Germany's bombing of the UK in WW II
Literary Family of Anne, Emily, and Charlotte
Came before the Iron Age
Nickname for Pirate Edward Teach
Celtic Queen who led a revolt against the Romans
Beheaded wife of Henry VIII
Former name of Mumbai
Abraham Lincoln's assassin

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