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Can you name the historical terms with the letter A?

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First Man on the Moon
'Great' Conqueror of Persia
Philosopher who tutored the above
Winning Side of WW II
Losing Side of WW II
Founding Father of Modern Turkey
Capital of the Khmer Empire, famous for its 'Wat'
First Man to reach the South Pole
Hun, called the 'Scourge of God'
Former name of Ethiopia
Mesopotamian Empire from 2500 BC to 605 BC
Country invaded by the USSR in 1979
Second US President
Greek Inventor who cried 'Eureka'
Civilization whose Capital was Tenochtitlan
Muhammad's successor (to Shiites)
Roman Emperor born Gaius Octavius
Tribe that gave its name to England
Capital of the Mughal Empire, site of the Taj Mahal
South African segregation system
Largest Nazi Concentration Camp
European Empire ruled by the House of Habsburg

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