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Can you name the main Little Britain characters ?

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descripioncharacter name
BBC Royal correspondent
Mentally challenged patient
Horse whisperer
Travel agent/banker
Frog lady
WI leader
WI assistant
Retired actor
Grammar school teacher
Stage hypnotist
Fat fighters leader
Obese health spa user
Obese health spa user
Husband of above character
Drug rehabilitation leader
Uncontrollable bladder issue
University counsellor
Wealthy troublemaker
Married a former pupil
Married a former teacher
descripioncharacter name
Bad transvestite
Former child's TV presenter
Hospital worker
The prime minister's aide
Friend of wheelchair user
Wheelchair user
Awkward and specific shopper
Shop owner
Shop owner
Scottish hotel owner
Former athlete, speech giver
Welsh barmaid
Child actor
Mother of six, by seven different guys
Theatrical agent
Hairy transvestite
Prime minister
Welsh homosexual
Thai bride
Abnormally small actor

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