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What famous document, which translates to 'The Great Charter', is located in Lincoln Castle and celebrated its 800 anniversary in 2015
In 2011 Lincolnshire was voted the country's food capital, pipping who to the title?
Built by William Foster & Co during the First World War, what machine did Lincolnshire contribute to modern warfare?
Which notorious highwayman sought refuge away from London by living in Long Sutton for 9 months in 1737
Which English mathematician and physicist born in Woolsthorpe, near Grantham, made many of his most important discoveries about light and gravity during the plague years of 1666-7.
What building in Lincolnshire was once the tallest in the world?
How many counties border Lincolnshire?
What is the nickname for a person from Lincolnshire?
Which football team is the highest ranked in Lincolnshire?
Scampton is home to what famous RAF aerobatic team?
What street in Lincoln was voted the best street in 2012 at the Urbanism Awards
Lincolnshire and what other county hold the record for shortest border in the UK at only 19m
At which town did Billy Butlin open his first holiday camp?
Which former England manager also managed Lincoln City between 1972-77?
Lincolnshire is the second largest county behind which other county?
Which range of hills in the county of Lincolnshire have been designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty?
Who built Lincoln Castle?
The Victorian Prison at Lincoln Castle was featured in episodes of which ITV programme?
Parts of what film were filmed in the Chapter House at Lincoln Cathedral?
What was the name of the UK's first female Prime Minister who was born in Grantham?
Lincolnshire had more airfields than any other county during World War Two. For this reason what was the county nicknamed during WW2?
What airshow in Lincolnshire is the largest in the UK?
What stadium do Lincoln City play at?
Who is the greatest team in Lincolnshire?

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