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Will, Neil and Simon dress up as characters from what movie when they try and get into a house party?
What country is the movie set?
What is Jay's DJ name?
Which girl does Jay reckon ''he no longer thinks about''?
Which animal does Jay say he's had to knock out, especially when they drop out the trees?
What University does Will attend?
What special holiday gift does Will's mum give him?
When the boys find Jay in the club toilets, what does he claim his name is?
What water park do the boys go to?
What item of clothing does Simon's psycho girlfriend Lucy burn?
When trying to dump Lucy over Skype, what question does Jay's uncle ask her instead?
What singer is there a picture of on Jay's car?
What nickname is given to the car?
Neil claims the Dolphins are not treated right as all they eat is what?
What job does Neil think he's going to get at the water park?
Name an item of food that Neil feeds the Dolphin
What splats into Will's face at the end of the race down the slide with Ben?
What do Will and Simon continuously shout at each other when Will decides to stay with Katie instead of getting in the car to find Jane?
What did Neil say he said when he infact said ''awobabobbob''
What did Jay buy Jane which made her dump him?
What gaming console of Simon's does Lucy put in the microwave?
Whilst Ben and Katie are having sex what does Ben keep saying?
Who does Lucy cheat with on Simon?
Who does Will's mum end up dating?

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