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QUIZ: Can you complete the pun with the name of a world capital?

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You might get a nasty one of these from touching a hot stove.Europe
Pete Rose did a lot of this during his career (746 times, in fact)Europe
An annoying gnat buzzing around the head of the Enlightened OneEurope
To wander aimlessly.Europe
A doctor might do this while performing arthroscopic surgery.Europe
A military-grade woodworking tool.Europe
Calvin does this to Miss Wormwood.Asia
A fusion of Southern cooking and East Asian cuisine: _____ foodAsia
A high-strung personality.Asia
The place where they make all those yellow envelopes.Asia
'We caught Mom. Now we just need to _____.'Asia
Mr. Pacino is booing.Africa
A space exploration agency based in the Caribbean.North America

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