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Can you name the epic things which rhyme with 'FAIL'?

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Forced Order
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HintEpic thing
You might use one of these at the beach to build a sand Taj Mahal.
A HUGE cup. (Jesus needed all 12 disciples to help him lift it.)
Something a carpenter might use to fasten a huge board.
A HUGE Ivy League school!
A leafy vegetable which can be used to make an EPIC salad!
A HUGE feathered member of the genus Oreortyx, for example.
What you might have to pay to get your buddy out of prison after committing a capital offense.
Santa Claus receives this from children around December each year.
Everything in the store is 99% off!
HintEpic thing
Alcatraz X 10!
A very large cetacean.
A device for weighing hundreds of elephants at a time.
A form of precipitation which can level buildings.
The Trans-Siberian, maybe.
A copy of Homer's Iliad which can be read in the dark.
You can't see the bride at all behind this thing.
A beer to end all beers!
The Appalachian, perhaps.
The Titanic might have used one of these if the engines were out of service.

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