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Can you name the Mortal Kombat Trivia: Volume #4?

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What is Hsu Hao's weapon style in MK:DA?
What button must be pressed in order to use the breakers from MK4?
Who played Johnny Cage in Mortal Kombat: The Movie?
What is the name of Taven and Daegon's father?
Before being named Blaze, what did the MK fans refer to the flaming individual seen on MKII's The Pit II stage?
What maneuver did Quan Chi use to send Scorpion plumetting to his death in an acid pit?
Which of Johnny Cage's movies does Cyrax dislike the most?
In the early sketches of MK:D's Konquest mode, which realm was at the center of the five realms featured?
What button can you not press in MK2 if you wish to fight Jade?
What DC Universe character was planned to be added as DLC in MKvs.DCU?
What is Liu Kang's default weapon in MK4?
In which realm is the Dragon King Temple located?
Complete the quote: 'Look to ___'
What special move of Scorpion's only appears in Mortal Kombat II?
It is rumoured that Mavado obtained his Hookswords from whom?
What is the name of the new finisher added to characters appearing in MK: Shaolin Monks?
Who was the first secret character in the Mortal Kombat series?
What is a nickname for Moloch expressed in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance?
Who played Jax in the short film Mortal Kombat: Rebirth?
According to his MK1 bio, how many countries is Kano a wanted criminal in?
What mini-game was added in MK: Armageddon?
Which character can be unlocked by defeating Arcade mode twice in the GBA version of MK:DA?
Who did the motion capture acting for Jax in MK2?
What special move that she possessed in past games did Sonya lack in MK4?
In his MK4 ending, who is Baraka killed by?
When characters use projectiles or other special moves, they are said to be focusing a particular type of energy. Name this energy.
Rain's name is an homage to what famous singer?
What name was Kobra referred to for several months in the production of MK: Deception?
What is the name of Kenshi's three-style branch combo that is listed on his movelist in MK:DA?
Who was originally casted to play Johnny Cage in Mortal Kombat: The Movie, but died before the filming began?

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