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Can you name the Mortal Kombat Trivia: Volume #1?

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Before obtaining the name Cyrax, what was his beta name?
How old was Goro at the beginning of the MK1 tournament?
What does the abbreviation OIA stand for?
Noob Saibot is a black palette swap of what character during his appearance in MK3?
In which country was the majority of Mortal Kombat: The Movie filmed?
What was the only country to release a Playstation version of MK2?
Whose face was used as a reference in MK2 for the Living Forest trees?
Who was the Earthrealm spy that Mavado had been sent to dispose of during MK:DA?
What is the name of Sektor's clan of ninjas who are willing to undergo cybernetic treatment?
What is the name of Liu Kang's brother according to his MK1 bio?
What is Cybernetic Smoke’s unit number?
Ermac's name is short for what phrase?
What new special move was given to Kung Lao in MK:DA?
Which super hero from DC Universe was the first to be confirmed for MKvs.DCU?
Which body part does Reptile consume in his famous MK2 fatality?
By what name is Mortal Kombat: Deception known as in France?
Which stage always comes first in the rotation of arenas in the arcade version of MK1?
Who did the motion capture acting for Raiden in MK1?
What was Hsu Hao's beta-name?
Shujinko's name translates to what in English?
Which stage in MK:DA was located on the burial ground of Kenshi's warrior ancestors?
Which two characaters are named after Ed Boon's sisters?
What is Johnny Cage's real name?
Which stage is featured in the regular ‘Game Over’ screen in MK3?
How many games must you play in a row to enable access to MK2's hidden Pong game?
What is Shang Tsung's Friendship in MK2?
What are Mileena's trademark weapons?
According to arcade history, who is the most frequently selected character in the original Mortal Kombat in arcades?
Scorpion's Katana is engraved with eternal flame designs and has a stamp reading what?
What was the name of the Elder Demon who appeared in a concept sketch within MK:DA's Krypt?

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