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The first stage of economic development
When people have their basic needs and wants met
When developing countries borrow money from foreign banks
A major health issue for developing countries
Involves breaking away from primitive stage to move towards change
Initiate new or different techniques that outsiders have brought to the country
Makeup of the economy changes
Many developing countries experince an increase in this
Which continent has the lowest gross national income?
The internal organization that offers advice to all countries on monetary and fiscal policy
Owned by IMF member nations, but operates as a seperate organization
Developing countries follow what policy that makes it harder for all developing nations to attract foreign capital?
Economic plan designed to achieve rapid industrialization.
Chinese plan put in place to revolutionize industrial and agricultural production
Many Latin American countries followed a path of economic development that combined socialism and what?
Mikhail Gorbachev's plan to restructure the Soviet economy
One reason for rapid growth in these countries is a high what?
Economic system where private citizens own and use the factors of production
Conversion of state-owned factories to private ownership
Certificates used to purchase government-owned property

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