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Can you name the Athletes By Their Jersey Numbers Using the Clues?

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Jersey NumberAthleteHint
#51(MLB) Nailed an Unfortunate Bird with a Pitch
#52(NFL) Linebacker Featured in Old Spice Commercials
#53(MLB) Won the '05 Home Run Derby as a Phillie
#54(NFL) 7 Time Pro Bowl LB for Da Bears
#55(NBA) SWAT! (Finger Wag)
#56(NFL) Ended Theismann's Career
#57(MLB) 2 Time Cy Young Winner with the Twins, None with the Mets
#58(NFL) Steeler Who Played Without his 4 Front Teeth
#59(NFL) '07 Defensive Rookie of the Year for the Texans
#60(NFL) Played for the Browns in the '40's and '50's; Type of Cracker
#61(NHL) Not Related to the NBA's Steve; Captain for the Blue Jackets
#62(MLB) Not Jabba the Hut, the One for the Yankees
#63(NFL) Manning's Center; Follows After Friday
#64(NFL) Hall of Fame Guard for the Vikings
#65(NFL) This Lineman was One of the Few Bright Spots for the Cowboys in '11
#66(NHL) Owned and Played for His Team at the Same Time
#67(NFL) Guard on the Undefeated Dolphins Team; Rhymes with Kuechenberg
Jersey NumberAthleteHint
#68(NHL) A Czech who Played with #66
#69(NFL) Minnesota's DE that Sports the Mullet
#70(Soccer) Brazilian Lad who Plays for AC Milan
#71(NHL) Drafted 2nd Overall by the Penguins in '04
#72(MLB) Wore 27 with the Red Sox, Wore 72 with the White Sox
#73(NBA) He Wore 73 with the Lakers; He also Wore a Wedding Dress Once
#74(NFL) He'll Cover Your 'Blindside'
#75(NFL) Hall of Fame Lineman; Current Analyst who Sports a Flat Top
#76(NBA) Bball Team that Plays in Philly
#77(NHL) Hall of Famer Played for Boston and Colorado Until '01
#78(NFL) Bill's Hall of Fame Defensive End
#79(NFL) 9 Time Pro Bowl Lineman for the Giants during the '50's & '60's
#80(NFL) This 49er had the Greatest Hands Ever
#81(NFL) 'Megatron'
#82(NFL) Matt Cassel's go to Target
#83(NFL) Best Slot Receiver in the Game
#84(NFL) Wore 84 with the Vikings; Grows on Rocks and Trees
Jersey NumberAthleteHint
#85(NFL) Once went by 'Johnson'; now Trying to Play Soccer
#86(NFL) A Pittsburgh Steeler, Best Blocking WR
#87(NHL) 'Sid the Kid'
#88(NFL) Dallas' Big 88
#89(NFL) This Panther Punched Teammate Ken Lucas in the Face
#90(NFL) 'The Freak'
#91(NBA) Wore this Number While Fighting the Fans from Detroit
#92(NFL) 'The Minister of Defense'
#93(NFL) Fast DE with the Quickest Spinmove
#94(NFL) One of the Pieces to the 'Wall' in Minnesota
#95(NFL) Chargers Linebacker Named Shaun, Not the One who was on the Juice
#96(NHL) This Swedish 4 Time Stanley Cup Champ Plays with the Red Wings
#97(NFL) Current Ravens Lineman; Very Similar to #98
#98(NFL) Lineman when the Ravens Won the Superbowl; 'The Goose'
#99(NHL) 'The Great One'

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