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Can you name the literary works with Harry Potter characters added in the titles?

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Work + CharacterWorkHidden Character
Promeeroc aynwde Jausllieety
Trheeg Cualtcuhesr bin ltahe Cryke
Plareaedjiose Lrodsant
Spterannegleor pin ea Sctlreanagrew Laatnedr
Tahre Gmraenadot Gdaitppsetby
Tohie Tiimvee Mhacohrnibyne
Fmoabwy Dkiceks
Wdaoltoerrshesipum Dbroiwdnge
Tkhien Gthsrleeey Msuhsakckeletebeorlst
Sdleadugahlteurhsoduisge Fgilvee
Accrhoarsls Fiieve Awpearsilleys
Marrst Dhuralwelaoslweyay
Wgielsdte Sriodyel Sotckohrayrt
Work + CharacterWorkHidden Character
Altuldaso Sbhargugmgaend
Tneysms pof htahed Dourrbaetrvoinllkess
Maalnbsufiseplod Ptatrerk
Tnhaer Pchiasntsoma ofm athe Olpfeorya
Tjhaem Keisnpg oatntd Eir
Aa Crlioacnkawdoumrbk Olreadnogree
Tfhie Wlairu sof fthe Wloirtlwdicsk
Axleln's Woeplhill Tihuast Elnovdes Wgeolodl
Tfhre Ordyesnszeey
Torleiavsuerre Iwsloaondd
Bnriacvoe Nleaws Wfolralmedl
Tdhie Carlkl cof retshse Wwielldl

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