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Can you name the facts about the first Harry Potter book?

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Who has a lightning bolt scar on his forhead?SUPER EASY
Who kills Harry's parents?SUPER EASY
Name 1 of Harry's best friendsSUPER EASY
Who is the headmaster of Hogwarts?SUPER EASY
What house is Neville sorted in to?SUPER EASY
What is the full adress of the Dursley's House?EASY
What is Harry's first bedroom at the Dursley's?EASY
What is Ron's rat called?EASY
Who sends Harry his Nimbus 2000?EASY
Who is Harry's arch-enemy (in school)?EASY
What firm is Mr Dursley the director of?MEDIUM
What does Ron have on his nose the first time Harry meets him?MEDIUM
Where does Charlie (Ron's brother) study dragons?MEDIUM
What new word did Dudley learn at the start of the book?MEDIUM
What did Dumbledore say he saw himself holding when he looked into the mirror of Erised?MEDIUM
Name 1 of the two Chocolate Frog cards Ron doesn't have?HARD
What is the full name of Dudley's friend he takes to the zoo?HARD
What is the Slytherin Quidditch keeper named?HARD
What is Harry's favourite dessert?HARD
Before Christmas who lent Harry Chessmen?HARD
What are Dumbledore's last words before leaving the hospital wing after speaking to Harry?HARD
Name at least 2 of the 3 flavours Ron describes as not ordinary when talking about Bertie Bott's Every Flavour BeansSUPER HARD
What friend of Petunia's does Vernon suggest can look after Harry, whilst the Dursley's go to the zoo?SUPER HARD
What was the Fat Lady's password after Harry, Ron and Hermione had defeated the troll on Hallowe'en?SUPER HARD
What 2 letters accompanied Harry's first Hogwarts acceptance letter (In the post, not inside the letter)?SUPER HARD
What is the first line of the Hogwarts SCHOOL song? (NOT the Sorting Hat's song)SUPER HARD

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