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Can you name the foods in spanish?

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The Cucumber
The Pea
The Sauce/Gravy
The Carrot
The Margarine
The Orange
The Meat
The Blueberry
The Dessert
The Cocoa
The Bean
The Fish
The Beer
The Juice
The Salad
The Pork Loin(Pork Chop)
The Corn
The Sausage
The Pineapple
The Biscuit
The Champagne
The Pepper(spice)
The Coffee
The Spinach
The Wine
The Rice
The Banana
The Mushroom
The Cinnamon
The Milk
The Cake
The Ice Cream
The Bratwurst or Hotdog
The Potato
The Honey
The Strawberry
The Vegetables(Greens)
The Fish
The Garlic
The Cherry
The Drink(Beverage)
The Raisin
The Cheese
The Chocolate
The Tea
The Apricot
The Butter
The Ham
The Yogurt
The Apple
The Olive Oil
The Grape
The Pepper(vegetable)
The Lemon
The Nut
The Soft Drink
The Bread
The Hamburger
The Lettuce
The Spice
The Cauliflower
The Egg
The Flour
The Avocado
The Celery
The Peach
The Bun
The Mustard
The Jam(Marmalade)
The Pear
The Water
The Cider
The Cabbage
The Onion
The Tomato
The Rasberry
The Sugar
The Cream
The Olive
The Leek

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