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Who was the commander of the Revolutionary army?
Where was the british army defeated?
What country helped the Revolutionary Army?
Who was sent to that country?
What did Shay's rebellion show about the power of the US federal government?
Who won the war of 1812?
What rose in the US after the war of 1812
What word(s) define the US's attitude towards westward expansion in 1845?
What treaty ended the mexican american war?
What advantages did the Union army have over the Confederate?
What advantages did the confederate army have over the union?
What speech did Abe Lincoln that declared all slaves free?
What year did the US invade Hawaii?
The sinking of what ship was the US's excuse to war with Spain?
Which president protected the Panama Canal?
What caused the US to join WWI?
what year did the US join WWI?
What document punished Germany after WWI and ultimately led to WWII?
An attack on what harbor caused the US to join WWII?
What type of war was WWII for the US?
What tactic did the US use to fight Japan?
What was the name of the project that the us developed the atomic bomb? (that changed the world forever)
Of what decent were the main scientists involved? (Robert Oppenheimer and Albert Einstein)
What was it called when the US flew supplies to Berlin after the war?
The _______ Doctrine protected countries that might fall or be attacked by communism
What country needed the most help under the above doctrine?
Why did the US help South Korea in the Korean war?
What separates North from South Korea
Why did the US get involved in the Vietnam war?
What are some of the weapons we used in the Vietnam war?
What was the invasion when rebels trained/ordered by the US tried to overthrow the government in Cuba?
Situation with nukes pointed at US from EXTREMELY near
Which president dealt with the above crisis?
Who was president when the Iranian government was overthrown and Americans taken hostage?
Trading of weapons for money used to fight communism was called...
Who was president during the Persian Gulf war?
Why did the US invade Iraq
Operation allied force was the bombing of what country and invasion of what city because of President Melosovic's war crimes and genocide?
What year did Operation Allied Force Happen?
What was Operation Neptune Spear?

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