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Can you name the Faces of One Tree Hill?

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HintCharacter Name
1.Clothes over Bros
3.Killer Nanny
4.Clean Teen/Bartender
6.main characters friend (kid)
8.Main Characters Uncle/Race Car Driver
10.Hits pregnant main character with car
11.Dates her sons friend
12.'Claimed' to be brother
13.Actual Brother in the military
14.Father of main character
15.Killed by brother
16.Claims to be dead wife
HintCharacter Name
17.Main Charcters Mother
19.Movie Producer (son)
20.Hired to destroy fiance's life
21.killed himself
22.Son of 2 main characters
23.Basketball Player with a baby/single father
24.Type of Whiskey
26.Silent geeky co-announcer
27.Makes a scavenger hunt/buys dollhouse back
28.Clean Teen
29.Birth Mother with Cancer
30.Coach of Main Character
32.Said she was Gay
HintCharacter Name
33.Teacher/Boyfriend of Main Characters mother
34.Little brother of dead basketball player
35.Sister of main character/photographer
36.Basketball player that was shot
37.Slept with main characters uncle/cheerleader
38.Claimed to be pregnant by main character
39.Model/slept with main characters mother
40.High school coach
41.Main characters mom/co-owner of company
42.High School Basketball Player
43.Slept with her sisters husband
44.dated his friends mom
47.main characters little sister
48.mother that died of cancer
HintCharacter Name
49.Spelling Bee Champion
50.Sports Newscaster
51.Works at Redbedroom records
52.Movie Producer (father)
53.Saves girl from drug overdose
54.Had a webcam blog/was stalked by 'brother'
55.An accident put him in a wheelchair
56.singer/first to get redbedroom records label publisher
58.Has a heart condition inherited by father
59.0 is not a size/girlfriend of newscaster
61.Steals her baby from the father

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