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Can you name the Mobs of Minecraft?

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Drops something that you fry for breakfast every 5 minutesPassive
One mob riding on anotherAggresive (one being ridden on is neutral in morning)
If you slap a saddle on his back, you can ride himPassive
___pig, ___pig, does whatever a ___pig does. Can he swing from a web? No he can't, he's a pig...Aggresive (neutral in the morning)
He guards NPC VillagesUtility
The mushroom version of a cowPassive
It shoots arrows at you...not a dispenserAggresive
Evil version of main character, glowing eyes, rumored to be in the gameAggresive ('removed' from game)
The tamed version of a white and furry animalNeutral
Their un-zombified self was scrapped from the game...oh, and they're found in the NetherNeutral
Breathes like Darth Vader, found in the NetherAggresive
It looks like a charcoaled version of a certain guy made of bones...Aggresive
Not really a mob, but I put him here anyways. You catch them with rods.Passive
Drops leather for armorPassive
A three-headed menace!Boss
These guys will pick up random blocksNeutral (aggresive once looked at)
Looks like a molten stretchy springAggresive
Kinda looks like a tiger...Neutral
The main character of the game...not NotchPassive (actually considered a Player)
A wild animal that's white and furryNeutral
The zombified version of people who inhabit NPC VillagesAggresive
This isn't Frosty the Snowman we're talking about...Utility
Master of The End...Boss
The tamed version of a 'tiger'Neutral
Green, and jiggle-yAggresive
An aquatic create (not a fish)Passive
Found only in mineshaftsAggresive
A version of a famous mob who was struck by lightningAggresive
They look kind of like Squidward Tentacles...Passive
The baby versions of...(just name one of the adult versions with 'Baby' before it)Passive (only one is Aggresive, two are Neutral)
Always found near End PortalsAggresive
They cry like babiesAggresive
'I'll get you, my pretty' Aggresive
Tiny, black, and sleep upside downPassive

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