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QUIZ: Can you name the The Hobbit Characters?

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The Head of the company
A very wise wizard
Doesn't want his knives blunted
The fattest of the company
One of the nicer dwarves
Blue beard and Green Hood
Distant relative to Thorin
Helped Bilbo up the tree
Wore a yellow hod and is Bofur's cousin
Also wore a yellow hood but is a brother to Bombur
One of the youngest, with a long nose and a yellow beard, with a blue hood
The youngest of the company
Wore a Purple hood, and was thin but loved food
Father of Gimli and son of Groin
Skilled axeman and good at starting fires
Rules the Lat Homely House In Rivendell
Known as the Necromancer
Can change into a bear
If bagginses loses we eats it whole?
One of the most powerful wizards

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