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Can you name the TV shows with numbers in their names based on their descriptions?

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DescriptionTV show
This crime drama shows the undercover work of young-looking cops in teenage themed places.
This soap opera takes place in the fictional town of Llanview and shows the lives of the Wolek, Riley, and Lord families.
This sitcom featured the late John Ritter and concentrates on the lives of a family with three teenage kids.
He became 'Better, stronger, faster' in this 1974 show with Lee Majors.
A man uses mathematical equations to solve crime. (The title says it all).
This group of aliens must blend it with the human race assuming the identites of a typical family in Rutherford, Ohio.
This drama is about the lives of a family with seven children and how they deal with relationships and life.
This 42 year old nightly news show always ends with a note from Andy Rooney.
Fred MacMurray was all alone raising his ____ sons.
This astronaut is sucked into the future... Five centuries into the future!
This dark drama focuses on the family that owns a funeral home.
DescriptionTV show
This 2003 teenage-spirited drama shows the lives of some high school kids in North Carolina.
Jack Bauer works to protect people against terrorism in this hour-long drama.
This show might just be the only sitcom to ever feature a fraction with its three men, well almost!
In this show, Liz Lemon must write her sketch comedy show.
These two men must raise a girl together after her mother dies without revealing which one is her father.
This 1975 show featured a young Valerie Bertinelli, a single mother, and their building superintendent.
This teenage-based show is simply not a number, but a zipcode that was later remade.
This Hawaii-based crime drama shows the investigations of a special police unit.
This sitcom was based upon teenage life from a couple decades ago featuring Ashton Kutcher.
This 80's sitcom is about the residents who all lived in a Washington D.C. apartment.

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