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Can you complete this 4-letter word ladder whose highlighted rungs are all related to the CBS series -Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman-?

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Barber and mayor ____ Slicker
Dr. Quinn portrayed by ____ Seymour
Sister Ruth portrayed by ____ Carter Cash
Useless, abandoned, broken clutter
Undefined piece of larger whole
Saloon owner ____ Lawson
Listen (archaic)
Dog sound
The Saloon, The Gold Nugget
Bannayan-Ruvalcaba-Riley syndrome
Women’s supportive undergarments
Storekeeper Mr. Loren ____
Smart Smurf w/o 3rd and 4th letters
Low-pitched, resonant sound
Telegraph operator Horace ____
Post-Yuan Chinese dynasty
Weight unit equivalent to 50 shekels
Bird of the starling family
Saloon girl who marries Horace
Phonological unit that determines syllable weight
____ & Mindy
Dweeb, nerd, goof
Asimov's Foundation series character ____ Venabili
Quinn and Cook professional abbreviation
Japanese manga pop group of Ranma ½
No. 5 proprietor ____ Chanel
Series set in ____rado Springs

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