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Can you complete each category of information about the fictional Gotham City?

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Located in [state] 
Opposite Superman's home
[city or state]
Bridge that connects
the two cities
Founding Fathers
Ancestor of Bruce ________ 
Ancestor of Oswald ________ 
Ancestor of Thomas ________ 
The city's harbor 
Bruce's neighborhood
aka Bristol or Crest Hill
Theatre district based on
NYC's Broadway
Rupert Thorne puppet
who fired Comm. Gordon
Appointed Comm. Sarah Gordon;
died from the Clench virus
Ejected predecessor from office; killed by Nick Scratch's agents 
Assassinated by the Joker
during the 'No Man's Land' era
Landmarks and Buildings
Chemical factory where
the Joker was scarred
The city's attraction theme park 
Any of the city's prisons 
Where Bruce's parents were killed; formally Park Row 
Statue of Justice moniker 
Hangouts and Hideouts
Secret HQ beneath Wayne Manor 
Abandoned neighborhood
near the dump, hideout of
Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn
An area run by
the Ventriloquist and Scarface
Any of the city's
nightclubs or bars

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