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Can you name the country where each translation of The Price Is Right is/was aired?

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TranslationCountryFull List
De Juiste Prijs, Le Juste Prix
Kaç Para?
El Precio es correcto
H тіμή тiμή δεv, έχεi/Timidenehei, The Price Value Is
The Price Is Right
OK, il Prezzo è Giusto!
El Precio Justo
Cena je správna
Pachot o' Yoter, פחות או יותר
Diga lo que Vale
The Price Is Right بلا TVA
Dobra cena
Yehi Hai Right Price
The Chance, ザ・チャンス!
Le Juste Prix
TranslationCountryFull List
Kuum Hind
Der Preis ist heiß
O Preço Certo
Цена удачи, Tsena udachi
Al seer al Saheeh, السعر الصحيح
O Preço Certo, O Preço Certo em Euros
Tebak Harga, The Price Is Right
Mitä maksaa?
Atinale Al Precio
Hãy chọn giá đúng
Prijs je Rijk, Prijzenslag, Cash en Carlo, The Price Is Right
Preţul Correct, Spune-mi Preţul
Vieksmes cena

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