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Can you determine whether WD-40 can be used to accomplish each of the following things?

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Deterring wasp and yellow jacket colonies
Delaying the deflation of a balloon
Clearing barnacles from a boat
Boosting an air conditioner's filter effectiveness
Making sunglasses UV-resistant
Yellowing red tattoo ink
Softening stiff leather
Protecting a bird feeder from squirrels
Soaking off the green husks of walnuts
Whitening teeth
Keeping a candle melting evenly, reducing drips
Removing stuck spark plugs
Lifting lipstick stains from clothing
Getting gum out of one's hair
'Moonshine-pickling' cucumbers
Preventing splintering of wooden tool handles
Clearing a bumper sticker from a car
Separating fused Lego blocks
Reducing an artificial Christmas tree's flammability
Relaxing a hair permanent
Preventing snow buildup on a shovel
Pitch-perfecting a piano
Removing paint transferred from another car
Erasing crayon from a wall

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