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Can you determine whether Coca-Cola can be used to accomplish each of the following things?

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Substituting as glue in a pinch
Vintage-staining paper and photographs
Decorroding a car battery
Disinfecting door knobs
Boosting a bar code scanner's range
Lifting oil stains off of a driveway
Deodorizing a skunk's spray
Restoring grimy coins
Spot-treating a grease stain on a shirt
Reducing slug and snail traffic
Dissolving a nail
Removing mold from tile grout
Relieving psoriasis flare-ups
Getting nail polish off of a table
Removing baked-on grease from cookware
Lightening a too-dark hair dye job
Prolonging the life of a real Christmas tree
Winterizing a trampoline mat
Dehydrating wet firewood
Extinguishing a Class D fire
Relieving the itch of a bug bite or sting
Removing stains in a toilet bowl
Soothing swimmer's ear symptoms
Clearing insects from a windshield

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