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Can you determine whether aluminum foil can be used to accomplish each of the following things?

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Sharpening scissors
Ironing both sides of clothes simultaneously
De-tarnishing silver
Creating a tablet or iPad stylus
Cleaning a dusty CD or DVD
Fashioning a disposable funnel
Protecting pie crusts edges from burning
Lining a paper bill to confuse a vending machine
Baking away odors from a microwave
Deterring birds from fruit trees
Reducing static cling
Insulating a frayed wire
Wrapping a pet's collar for tick prevention
Preserving food
Converting a TV remote into a Wii remote
Neutralizing vodka in a cocktail
Converting AAA batteries into AAs
Substituting for paper in document printing
Disposing of hot grease
Boosting a Wi-Fi signal
Masking the X-rays of an airport body scanner
Removing rust from chrome
Cleaning stubborn gunk off pots and pans
De-fuzzing a cashmere sweater

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