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Can you answer the questions about the FX original series Justified? See Game Note about the Major Spoilers section.

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Raylan Givens, Rachel Brooks, Tim Gutterson 
Shelby Parlow, Hunter Mosley, Tillman Napier 
Lindsey Salazar, Kendal Crowe, Wade Messer 
Items of Interest
Raylan's signature accessory 
Dewey's hand-carved gift from his grandfather 
The all-American nickname of Mags Bennett's moonshine 
Any state as a setting 
City/town as a setting 
Either international setting 
Ava's Prison Mates
Racist who attacks her and tries to frame her 
Her only real friend during her time served 
'Religious' leader who runs the smuggling operation 
Miscellaneous Love Interests
Boyd's cousin who falls in love with Ava 
Kendal's social worker who dates Raylan 
Winona's second ex-husband who works in real estate 
This dangerous dog of Danny's becomes an ironic plot point. 
Preacher Billy St. Cyr handles these in his ministry. 
Randall Kusik's dream enterprise involves these 'fighters.'  

Crime Organizations and Affiliations
Wynn Duffy, Mikey Cosmatopolis,
Emmitt Arnett
Sammy _____, Nicky Augustine,
Robert Quarles
Dickie _____, Coover _____,
Doyle _____,
Daryl _____, Wendy _____,
Jean Baptiste
Major Spoilers: Survives the Series
(Type a single name or a multiple choice option.)
Raylan Givens, Boyd Crowder, Ava Crowder
All-A, Two of these-A, None-A
Wynn Duffy, Katherine Hale, Avery Markham
All-B, Two of these-B, None-B
Frances Givens, Arlo Givens, Helen Givens
All-C, Two of these-C, None-C
Colt Rhodes, Ellstin Limehouse, Ellen May
All-D, Two of these-D, None-D

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