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Can you provide the missing word in each factoid about world's-end predictions?

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Hippolytus, Sextus Julius Africanus, and Irenaeus all predicted the world ending in part based on the dimensions of Noah's ___.500
Sandro ____ wrote into his painting -The Mystical Nativity- that the Devil was loose and would soon be chained.1504
-Time- magazine listed Harold ____'s end times prediction (which he later confessed was 'sinful') as one of its 'Top 10 Failed Predictions.'2011
Baptist William Miller's second failed prediction brought on the Great ____, which paved the way for the formation of the Seventh Day Adventists Church.October 22, 1844
Heaven's Gate leader Marshall Applewhite argued that suicide was 'the only way to ____ this Earth' so that people could board a Hale-Bopp comet-trailing spacecraft.March 26, 1997
When astrologers predicted the end of the world via ____, 20,000 Londoners left their homes for higher ground.February 1, 1524
Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan declared that the ____ War would be the 'War of Armageddon which is the final war.'1991
'Comet pills' were sold for protection against the toxic gases to be introduced to the atmosphere by the scheduled fly-by of ____'s Comet.1910
Brahma Kumari leaders taught that humanity would be killed by wars and natural disasters, which would include the sinking of all land except ____.1976
Years before the mass suicide, Jim ____ began looking for a safe place from the nuclear holocaust, of which he claimed to have visions.1967
Controversy persists over the government raid on the Branch Davidians' compound under the leadership of David ____ in Waco, Texas.1993
The True Way leader Chen Tao espoused 'flying saucer' rescues by God and finding a 'Jesus of the West' who would look like Abraham ____.March 31, 1998
Mark Blitz and John Hagee touted the Blood ____ Prophecy in reference to the tetrad concurrent with other celestial phenomena.2014-2015
The History Channel co-opted the prophecies of Frenchman ____ as evidence of imminent doom, notwithstanding that his book never mentions the end of the world, let alone the year.2012
According to a mainstream ____ Judaism theory, the Messiah will arrive 6,000 years after the creation of Adam.2239
The Nuwaubian Nation claimed the lineup of the ____ would cause a 'star holocaust,' pulling them toward the sun.May 5, 2000
According to biochemist Rashad Khalifa's research of the ____ Code, the world will end in about 260 years, by which time the population will exceed 75,000,000,000.2280
Christian authors Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins wrote the -Left Behind- series about the post-____ world, initially thought to begin at Y2K but rejected as the date approached.January 1, 2000
Pope ____ II and other clerics set New Year's Day as the world's last, riots broke out, and people flocked to Jerusalem.January 1, 1000
Charles Manson ordered the ____-LaBianca murders to bring about the end of the world based on his interpretation of The Beatles' self-titled album.1969
Police now consider the deaths of nearly 800 members of a Roman Catholic splinter group in ____ a mass murder at the hands of its leadership, who disappeared shortly thereafter.January-March 2000
Citing political tension and the centennial of Our Lady of Fátima's visitation, mystic Horacio ____ predicted the onset of WWIII, which would destroy the world in roughly 5 monthsMay 13 - October 2017
Methodist Church founder John ____ wrote that Revelation 12:14 referred to the years 1058–1836 'when Christ should come.'1836
David Meade, author of Planet _____: The 2017 Arrival, believes clues in the Bible and the pyramids point to autumnal apocalypse.September 20-23, 2017
Mary Bateman, the ____ Witch of England, manipulated a hen's eggs to read 'Christ is coming,' was eventually executed for murder.1806
Using the kabbalah, the Turkish rabbi Sabbatai ____ revised his prediction when his 1648 theory failed.1660

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