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Can you name the words and phrases that contain the word 'bullet'?

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High speed rail; song by Judas Priest
Bear an unpleasant situation
Symbols or glyphs introducing items in a list
An ideal drug that selectively targets a disease sans side effects
Superman's comparative velocity
(1994) John Cusack melodram-edy set in the Prohibition gangster era
Personal armor that absorbs firearm or shrapnel projectiles
(2012) Sylvestor Stallone and Christian Slater crime thriller; descriptive comparison to the last, worst, or most unnecessary thing that could happen
Idiom for worrying to the utmost degree
Extremely effective, concise solution; Stephen King horror film adaptation (1985) about werewolves
Successfully avoiding something negative
Central-South American insect named for its potent, painful sting
Original name of D.C.'s NBA Wizards
Round-shaped calvarium or stubborn
Bowser's ammunition against Mario

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