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Can you name the lessons I have learned from watching Dr. Phil?

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If you eat too much food and don't exercise enough, you will become ___.
___ are more likely to cheat on their spouse than women.
If your husband can't resist alcohol, he has what's called an _________.
___ food meals like McDonalds are low-nutrition and should not be fed to your children three times a day.
If your husband comes home smelling like perfume, he is probably having an ______.
Marijuana is classified as a ____ and should be avoided.
Children under 16 should not be given a credit ____.
Alcohol can impair your ability to _____ a car.
Don't call your mother-in-law a _____ even if she acts like one.
If your husband beats you while you are pregnant, the first thing you should do is call the ____.

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