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What color are Spongebob's eyes?
What is Spongebob's occupation?
What is the squirrel's name?
What animal is Pearl?
Describe Patrick's house
What animal is Gary?
Who are the superheroes of Bikini Bottom?
What is Mr. Krab's obsessed with?
What is Plankton always after?
Who is the Driver's Ed teacher?
What does Shell City turn out to be?
What is the patch that's on Sandy's suit?
Why did Gary leave Spongebob for Patrick?
How did Spongebob prevent a Seabear attack?
What color did Spongebob and Patrick paint Mr. Krabs house?
What did Spongebob name the blue jellyfish he caught?
'All hail the ____ _____'
What is Mrs. Puff's first name?
'Another day, another _______!'
T of F? Spongebob had a pet clam.
What is Mr. Krab's middle initial?
What color is Gary's ball in 'Gary's New Toy'?
What does Patrick tell Spongebob about bad words?
What song gets stuck in Spongebob's head in 'Ear Worm'?
What is the name of the hospital that was recommended for Spongebob?
What do Squidward's Christmas lights spell out?
What is Patrick and Spongebob's favorite theme park?
'I was born with _______ _____ and _____ _____.'
What is the study of wumbo called?
What is the name of the scary guy that scares Spongebob while he's working…. at night. (;

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