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Forced Order
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Who wrote Anna and the French Kiss?
What city does Anna move to?
What school does she go to?
Who is the first person Anna meets at school?
Who does Rashmi date?
Anna, Rashmi, Meridith and St. Clair are in what grade?
What is St Clair's first name?
Who is Ellie?
What is Anna's little brothers name?
What band does Meredith love?
What does Anna's father do for a living?
What does Anna want to be when she grows up?
Who takes Anna out to see Paris for the first time?
What is St. Clair afraid off?
What does St. Clair buy Anna for her birthday?
Which character loves to play football?
What does Josh love to do?
Who does Meredith like?
Who doesnt go home for the Thanksgiving holidays?
What does St. Clair wish everytime he goes to 'Point Zero of the Roads of France?
What does St. Clair find out when they are at the cemetery?
Who does Anna get in a fight with in the hallway?
Who did Anna like before moving?
What is Anna's car name?
What color is St. Clair's knitted hat?
What does St. Clair want to go to college at?
What does St. Clair give Anna to help her feel less American?
True or False. St. Clair's dad is nice.
Who is Anna's best friend from back home?
What does Bridgette call Anna?
What is Toph's real name?
Who does Anna start falling in love with while she is in Paris?
Who does Bridgette start to date?
What does Anna do for New Years?
What is Toph's band name?
Where is Anna from?
In the end who does Anna date?

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