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All characters wonder what life would be like in one thing was different, What does rachel say?
What would it be like if Monica...
What would it be like if Chandler...
What would it be like if Phoebe...
What would it be like if Joey...
What would it be like if Ross...
Originally why didn't Phoebe take the job at Merrill Lynch
Where do Ross and Rachel meet at the start of the episode?
What is the name of Monica's boring Boyfriend?
Who does Joey appoint as his assistant
Phoebe gives her new assistant Brindy the name...
How many heart attacks does Phoebe have?
Why does Joey get annoyed at Chandler?
Ross suggests to Carol that they 'Spice up' their sex life, what does she eventually agree too?
with who else?
When Joey invites Rachel to his apartment Rachel embarrassingly does what?
Who does Monica lose her virginity to?
when Ross answers Phoebes phone he says it was her boss Jack saying...
He actually said...
What romantic meal does Monica make Roger
What does Joey give Rachel before she leaves his apartment?
At the end phoebe does what?

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