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How many legs does a lobster have?
Which Beckham baby is missing? Brooklyn, Romeo, Harper and ???.
How many Harry Potter novels are there?
How many states make up USA?
Where does Queen Elizabeth of England live?
What writing machine can be spelled using the topline of a computer keyboard?
Leonard, Penny, Raj and Sheldon are from which American comedy?
Which muscle of the human body is only attached at one end?
Who plays Edward Cullen in the Twilight films?
Who wrote the plays 'Macbeth', 'A Mid Summer Nights Dream' and 'Twelfth Night'?
Which chemical has the periodic symbol 'K'?
In what year was search engine 'Google' created?
Mariah Carey recently had twins named Moroccan and ???
Which playright, who penned work like 'Death Of A Salesman', was Marilyn Monroe married to?
Which household pet was domesticated first? Cat, dog or horse?

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