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Summoning Spell
Spell used to unlock doors
Wizards who can turn themselves into animals at will
Transportation by disappearing and reappearing at the destination
Professional dark-wizard catcher
Hagrid's large spider
Study of stars and planets
An unforgivable curse
Wizard prison
Takes the shape of your worst fear
Home of the Weasley family
Dark arts shop in Knocturn Alley
Quidditch ball that will knock you off your broom
Drink sold at The Three Broomsticks
Resident ghost of Slytherin
Quidditch position
Snake found in the chamber of secrets
An unforgivable curse
Hermione's cat
Subject taught by Proffessor Flitwick
Bane and Firenze
Magicial confectionary, comes with collectors cards.
Malfoys henchman: Vincent _____
Quidditch position
Second oldest Weasley brother
Large metal pot used in potions
Naughty fairy that cause havoc: ______ pixies
Subject taught by Proffessor Trelawney
House elf
Harrys horrible muggle family
Guards of Azkaban
Followers of Voldermort
Sign of voldermorts followers
National wizarding newspaper
Igor Karkaroff is the headmaster here
Magical subject which Snape would like to teach
Weasleys Wizard Wheezes is located here
Owl shop where Hedwig is bought from
Weasley family owl
Spell used against dementors
Disarming spell
One of three passing grades
N.E.W.T.: Nastily ____ Wizarding Tests
Country where the Weasleys took a holiday
Wizarding card game: _______ snap
Invented by Fred and George, allows user to eavesdrop
Maiden name of Lily, Harry's mother
Hagrid's boarhound
Three-headed dog
Squib: Arabella ___
Fireplace transportation network
Resident ghost of Hufflepuff
Portrait which guards the Gryffindor tower
Dumbledore's phoenix
Bookshop in Diagon Alley
Make of Mr Weasley's bewitched car
Dark woods surrounding Hogwarts

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