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Let me out of here, Let me out of here
No one likes a smart-ass, but we all like stars
They fed us on little white lies
I'm too busy to see you, you're too busy to wait
Please keep moving, better keep moving
A beautiful girl can turn your world into dust
Little baby's eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes
Up, up, through my heart, into my brain
Take your helmet off, you're not under attack
You watch your feet for cracks in the pavement
In rainbows...
I think I have had my fill
But the sea would electrocute us all
Look into my eyes, its the only way you'll know I'm telling the truth
This is just a nightmare
One burst and we will probably crumble
I need someone else's glasses
I'm trapped in this body, I can't get out
Stepford wives, who are we to complain?
There's a way out...

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