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Title in Other WordsActual SongArtist
Similar to a Tumbling Rock
Reeks of Pubescent Energy
Desire You to be Present
Allow It to Continue in Its Current Condition
Sound That a Clock Makes
We Are Soon to Stone You
Father Used to be a Sliding Pebble
Superman, Batman, Spiderman, etc.
Captial of the United Kingdom Yearning
Following the Time in which You Have Been Absent
The Peers of Mine
Birthed for Jogging
You Are Not Always Able to Receive That Which You Desire
William Denim
The Noise of the Lack of Sound
Title in Other WordsActual SongArtist
In Which the Roads Lack Identification
Violet Drizzle
Far Below in the Chasm
Salutations Joseph
Extraterrestrial Primate
Motel Sacramento
Johannes Behave
Texas Hold 'Em Facade
Pleasant Shakings
Converse about Laziness
Sorrow Marriott
Restore to the Populace That for Which They Yearn
Ignite My Conflagration
Ambulate the 180 Degree Angle
Cobbler of the U.S.A.

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