Bob Dylan in Latin

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Can you name the Bob Dylan songs from their Latin translations?

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Latin TitleEnglish Title
Similis Saxo Volventi
Visiones Iohannae
Spirans in Vento
Cuba, Domina, Cuba
Tu Angelus Tu
Res Mutaverunt
Aeternaliter Iuvenis
Cum Deo in Parte Nostro
Suffugium ex Procella
Latin TitleEnglish Title
Absolute Quarta Via
Aliquis Serviendus Est
Non Adhuc Obscurum
Te Volo
Omnia Quae Vere Facere Volo
Carmen de Viro Tenui
Sicut Femina
Domini Belli
Pultans Ianuam Olympi
Via Desolationis

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