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Can you name the cases about religion in public schools?

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OutcomeTrialMore Information
1925-Teachers not allowed to teach evolutionTennessee. Case argued by William Jennings Bryan, who died days after the trial
1943-Jehovah's Witnesses do NOT have to salute the flag during the pledge of AllegianceWest Virginia. Preceded by West Virginia v. Gobitis [sic] with the opposite ruling.
1962-Outlawed school-sponsored prayerNew York. Often misconstrued to mean that no prayer is allowed from anybody
1968-Struck down antievolution lawsArkansas.
1968-Forbade school-mandated Bible readingYou can still read a Bible on your own.
1971-Created the namesake 3-part test to determine Establishment Clause violation1) The activity must have a secular purpose. 2) It may not advance or inhibit religion. 3) There will be no excessive entanglement between the school and religious offices.
1980-Struck down state law requiring 10 Commandments to be postedOr, as I like to call it, Rock v. Cracker
OutcomeTrialMore Information
1985-State law requiring a moment of silence for 'meditation or voluntary prayer' struck downThere was no secular purpose to have a moment of silence for a religious activity.
1985-Mother claimed that a book violated her daughter's religious freedom.The teacher had exempted the student from reading the book before the case got as far as the school board, but the mohter wanted the book completely out of the school system.
1987-Ruled that mere exposure to the Holt reading series did not violate religious beliefsTennessee
1987-11th Circuit Court and SCOTUS ruled remaining prayer statutes to be unconstitutional.Alabama
2000-An elected school chaplain can NOT open high school events with a prayer.New Mexico. Applies to graduation as well, because the attendees are a captive audience.
2001-All religious clubs must be given the same respect and rights as secular clubsBacked up the 1984 Equal Access Act

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