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Forced Order
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Arranged like this: First line/Last lineSong?
We've been driving around/Sargon, Hammurabi, Arshubanipal, and Gilgamesh
She set your goldfish free/In the wind
Love sees love's happiness/(title)
I remember the year I went to camp/We have to wear (1/2 title)
Yes, no, maybe/Life is unfair
Great, Great, Hey, Dave/To get used up.
Outnumbered a million to one/And they (title) (down, down, down)
The sun is a mass of incandescant flame/At a temperature of a million degrees
I saw the best minds of my generation/I am not allowed to think
David Bowie came to town/Right on!
Arranged like this: First line/Last lineSong?
Oh who has heard the great commotion, motion motion/And with him we'll beat little Van.
You're (title) than you've ever been/And now you're (title) still.
Everything is catching, yes/And I walk along darkened corridors
Make a hole with the gun perpendicular/They're the ones you would think I would say if there was a me for you
I'm your only friend/Make a little (title).
The color is infinity/I already know how great it is
Sir hand/I want to thank you for putting me back in my (title)
The fixed up the corner store like it was a nightclub/(Title)
In 1844 the Democrats were split/Young Hickory, Napoleon of the stump.
Iron is a metal, you see it every day/Or stand alone as they are.

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