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Can you identify the following Islamic things, places or people?

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Last Prophet
Raka'ah of Isha
Reciter of the Adhan
Number of days Allah created the Earth
The prophet who don't has a father but he has a mother.
Longest Suraah in the Quran
First Pillar of Islam
A veil use to cover hair.
Number of Suraah in the Quran
Third Suraah in the Quran
First prayer
If you pray in Masjid Al Haraam one time it is equal to
A mini pilgrimage
Direction in praying.
Language of the Quran
Practice of the Prophet
Fourth Pillar of Islam.
They are the things that are allowed in Islam.
Prophet who show a divided sea
Month of Fasting
A pastoral animals sacrifice to Allah
Percentage of Zakaat
Group of muslims.
Largest people in this denomination of Islam
A well with water use by Ismail and his mother.
Holy text revealed in Isa
Celebration after Ramadan.
Suraah recited on Friday.
A prayer rug

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