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Can you name the standard Hearthstone Legendaries by Quote (Un'Goro)?

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Forced Order
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Tonight, a tale of glorious redemption
To his will all flesh succumbs! (What he said!)
This jungle hides many secrets
I'm in charge now!
Welcome to Gadgetzan!
Back in the slammer!
I am the Void. I am your master
Soon, I will be queen!
Surrender your will to the Kabal
So many wonderful poisons
The brotherhood shall prevail!
You can't hide forever!
Fall before the Old Gods
We hunger for vengeance
I dream and the world trembles
Hey, join the Goons. (Or meet my fist!)
Leeeerooooy Jeeeenkiiins!
I am power incarnate!
Chaos beckons
I am the essence of magic!
By the elements combined!
All realities, all dimensions, are open to me
Prepare the Mecha-Chicken
This world; so delicious
Let's show our guests a good time
Bow down before the God of Death
Not all who wander are lost
Do you require my assistance?
Break yourself upon my body!
Everyone has a price
This time, for sure!
A game? So kind of you to join me
The greatest virtue is patience
My life is your shield
The Menagerie is for guests only
That belongs in a museum!
Winds! Obey my command!
The feast of souls begins now!
I can't wait no longer...
Un'Goro belongs to the Titans!
At last, a worthy disciple
You face Jaraxxus, Eredar Lord of the Burning Legion!
You are not prepared!
Wooooo! I'm on fire!
I fish bigger game
I taste the essence of your soul
I bring life and hope
Time is money friend!
Gorge your hatred. Embrace your rage!
I can wait and fish all day!
Pick a card... any card
Behold, the glory of a new sun!
Succumb to your darkness
Golems are a girl's best friend!
Prepare to face the mighty Millhouse Manastorm!
I am the darkest night
Embrace the power of the Kabal!
Jade Serpent guide you
My dreaming ends... Your nightmare... begins...
A hundred kings will rise again!
Behold the rage of the Firelands
Put your faith in the Light!
None shall pass
The dragons shall kneel before me!
You will BURN!
I must remain hidden to remain free
The True Horde cannot be stopped!
You dare challenge the daughter of Deathwing?
Who dares defile this ancient land?
Take heart, young one. The Earthmother is near
Gaze into the void
Drink up, me hearties!
Just in time

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