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Can you name the British sitcoms from the anagrams given?

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Lays Out Foul Baubles (2)
Heavy Lamb Bending (3)
Coffee Hit (2)
Overheating of Tone (5)
Brigade Voyeur Seen (4)
Be Clad Dark (1)
Home Fly Reality (3)
Order Pig (1)
Mad Yards (2)
Teased Nonstop (3)
Misery Tin's Empire (3)
No Allure Shop (3)
Hog to Defile (3)
Gimp Drains (2)
Bathroom on Rent (4)
Homemade Romeo's Vest (5)
Lashed for Loony Sons (4)
Wife Moment Hurts Ales (5)
Deify Clover Habit (4)
Two Trays Flew (2)

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