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Which Hollywood star did Micheal think had bought a condo in Scranton?
What is Erin's real first name?
At what age did Micheal lose his virginity?
What was Dwight's salary, for his fictional bed and breakfast in Hell?
Which branch did Karen go on to manage, after leaving Scranton?
Name of the Cardigans' song sang by Jim to annoy Karen?
What does Creed sprout on a damp paper towel in his desk drawer?
The computer game played by the Stamford branch?
In Dwight's analogy, he is Butch Cassidy. Who is Micheal?
Where did Jim and Pam get married, specifically?
What's the name of Kevin's band?
What is Micheal's online dating name, so people know what his priorities are?
What did Jim pay everyone five dollars to call Dwight for a full day?
Which historical figure did Jim hire instead of a male stripper for Phyllis' bachelorette party?
What is the name of the only student to show an interest in Dunder Mifflin at the Job Fair?
Song played at the end of 'The Dundies' episode?
What movie did Dwight accidentally go to see instead of Grizzly Man?
What did Jim name Pam's imaginary disease, when her teeth turned to liquid and then, they dripped down the back of her throat?
What was Andy Bernard's self-made ringtone?
What kind of bear is best?

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